Big August Haul


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Here are some things I have accumulated this month and wanted to share with you. Feel free to visit my channel and subscribe while your at it.


Trend Alert: Black and Blue


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Fall probably isn’t on your radar right now, being that most areas have temps in the high 90’s still, but it is among us and will be fastly approaching. With that said one of the many new fall trends making an appearance is a combination of black and blue in your outfits. This once naughty no no is now an appropriate and all ready celeb adopted trend.  It was seen all over the runways and is now making it’s way to the street.


Dianna Agron


So what do you think? Is the black and blue trend in your near fall future??


Summer Shades (Shorts)


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This series is for all the trending bold prints and colors on this summers hot pants! Let us begin with a bold start.


This includes any kind of material that isn’t very common on a short until now. This would be lace, burnout or anything different.

monochromatic creme outfit

This includes your everday pieces that are classics and probably the most appropirate for work or any other of conservative activity where you still want to rock those legs.

5" chino shortScalloped short


Go crazy with color. No color is off limits this summer. Go strong in a cobalt or fresh in a mint. Don’t be scared to mix colors up and do a color block outfit or go monochromatic in your favorite shade.

a short suit piece in a monochromatic shade? yes por favor.

monochromatic light blue - J's Everyday Fashion

pink shorts


Go with what ever suits you. Floral is always a popular choice, but try something daring like an animal print with actual animal shapes or a funk geometric.

Geometric Shorts :)

Geometric Shorts

Animal print short shorts

Floral shorts. Yes.

In the end just have fun with it!

E.L.F Mineral Collection Swatches


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Just in case some of you are not familiar with E.L.F. it is a brand of cosmetics and cosmetic tools sold at Target and online at They are extremely affordable the offer a wide range of items. This review is of a few items from their minerals collection, comparable to Bare Escentuals. Now the following review is just my opinion and everyone has their own right to choose the brand best for them.

E.L.F mineral eyeshadow:

With flash, wet and dry swatches.






With out flash, wet and dry swatches.






Mineral Lip Gloss in Wild







Mineral moisturizing lip balm with SPF 15 in Guava








DIY Ombre Bling Water Bottle


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So today I went to buy a new water bottle. I wanted one of those sporty ones that only took one hand to open and close and kept the mouth piece clean. I found one, but it was extremely boring and only came in one color…black. *SNORE*

Yeah pretty boring right! I decided to spice it up a little and add some colorful bling. Just to the bottom though because I didn’t want to feel it under my hands while drinking it. I know I’m weird. Anyways! Here is what you need and the steps.


  • E-6000 glue, NOT SUPER GLUE
  • an applicator like a Popsicle stick or straw
  • a paper plate
  • colorful bling











Step 1: Make sure your bottle has been hand cleaned the the top removed.

Step 2: Sort out 2 or 3 colors you want to use. Get the kids to help with this part, it can be a pain!




Step 3: put some E-6000 on the plate and dip straw into the glue.




Step 4: place glue on the back of the first color of bling you want to start with. Then press bling onto the very bottom of the water bottle.








Step 5: create a row of bling in one one color and size all around the bottom of the bottle. This way this will be your darkest and most uniform color.






Step 6: when you get to the second or third row start to incorporate the other color in a few pieces at a time.

Step 7: Then when you are ready to transition more into the other color start to add less of the first and more of the second.





Step 8: Repeat by having a row of solid colors and then transitioning into the next color. Try to use different size pieces as your move on so that the pattern looks more random and not so stripey.

Step 9: when you are almost done start to make peaks with smaller pieces on top.

Step 10: Just to give the completely look of the colors trailing off ad a few random tiny pieces of bling in the last color like this—->





When your all done it will look something like this!

Note: Let it sit for 24hrs undisturbed to let the glue set.

Tada! Now be the envy of your jogging/work out buddies with this fun blingy ombre water bottle!!!

Enjoy 😀

Summer Shades (Literally)


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For this addition of Summer Shades we will literally do so. Below are the cutest shades for summer 2012. An emerging pattern can be seen that the once classics featured in only black, gold and tortoise shell are now back and bright!

Cat eye

Cat Eye SunglassesCat eye sunglasses.Cat eye sunglasses

They don’t have to be too overwhelming to make a statement. Cat eye sunglasses are a revamped retro classic that add an extra touch of Berdot to any outfit. It’s impossible to not look sophisticated in this trending summer style.



Whether they be bright, printed or classic black Wayfarers are a must shade this summer. Originated from Ray Ban this style never gets old and can be traced in popularity from the 60 and on. Today it is renovated in funky colors and prints more 80’s-esk than it’s traditional origins.


Dakar Aviator Sunglasses - SunglassesZebra Aviator SunglassesMiso Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator is another old school gone cool school with its features in animal prints and bright neons this summer. Already seen on actresses like Zoey Saldana and Ashley Olsen this once traditional mens shade is now hot hot hot.

Round Frame

Round Frame SunglassesLe Steel round-frame metal sunglassesStella McCartney | Round-frame acetate sunglasses

Seen above in designers such as Stella McCarthy, Prada and Victoria Beckham. This John Lennon made hit is now back for a sweet summer in pastel pinks and retro prints. Embrace your inner artist in these funky frames.