Wow it’s been much too long. However I finally got inspiration on something I can consistently write about and keep you updated on.

As you all know it’s the fashion/trend, that during this time of year everyone cash out on diet plans, gym memberships and whatever gimmick they feel will make them have that hot beach ready body they desire and quickly! I have a very small frame and don’t need to loss weight but however the opposite is true where I need to put on healthy weight in the form of muscle. My physical fitness is also severely lacking in the fact that I can’t complete a set of jumping jacks without fearing my heart will explode!

Soon I was considering all my options. Gym memberships are expensive, but what about the local YMCA? I definitely needed to up my calorie intake so I could keep on more weight than my naturally fast metabolism could burn off, but I know I needed to keep it healthy with high protein and vitamins. Programs like fit foods crossed my mind but I love to cook, why would I let someone else have all the fun? I know myself very well and if I did not take a class with other people or have a instructor to tell me what to do, I would hang out in the hot tub all day at the gym and call that my work out.

While considering all these options it was my husband that picked one for me. He apparently went behind my back and purchased this Insanity program without at all considering me. Yes I was very annoyed, especially when I heard of the $120 price tag. He also ordered an obscene amount of protein powder online. When he decided to tell me casually one day that it would all arrive soon in the mail, I realized that we would now not be able to afford a gym membership for myself or any of the options I was previously considering. I was ready to drop the whole notion of me getting fit. It wasn’t until it arrived in the mail and I started reading through the meal plan guide that I got excited about this program. I would get to cook! And the recipes are simple and easy. I would be able to even bulk cook and portion them out to be eaten later.

Suddenly my head was rushing with all these ideas and I was quick to meal plan every single meal that would be eaten for the following week. We have to eat 5 meals a day and today is day one. I’m already behind because I woke up entirely too late. Here is day ones plan:

DAY 1: meal 1: beagle and lox
meal 2: warm cereal meal 3: lean burger  meal 4: pizza muffin meal 5: salmon

That’s right! You can eat burgers and pizzas on this meal plan. They just need to be lean in the sense of low fat, high protein and served with a side fruit or veggie usually.

So for the Day 1 work out I did the fitness test. This test helps you find out where you are at your physical fitness level and will help you later to determine if you are actually improving or not. It’s easy to say that the fitness test KICKED MY BUTT! I couldn’t finish it. A complete fail! Hey I don’t blame myself though. I’m a girl who huffs and puffs going up stairs. My husband decided to do the extreme plan where he does a work out everyday. I’m deciding to take a gentler route at only 3-4 days a week.

Wish me luck and I will keep you posted with pictures of food and in 2 months a before and after picture to see my improvement or lack of.