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Here are a few of my favorite beauty products to use this fall. Everything from hair to makeup to shower.

Laura Geller Glow Box. I get really pale this time of year so this product saves me from looking like a ghost. You use the darker shade as a blush/bronzer and the small lighter one as a highlight. Bam! Insta glow.

Neutrogena healthy skin foundation. I’m mostly a powder girl but during the colder months I need a little more moisture. This foundation gives just the right amount of coverage and sets well all day with a matte powder on top. Won’t make you break out or get oily.

Coconut Oil, an all in one rescuer. This is great when mixed with olive oil as a hair saving mask. Use a little bit on the ends of your hair as a dry end mender and rub a light layer on rough skin spots like feet and knees, to soften the skin. There is a huge list of all the uses of coconut oil in one of my previous posts.

Dove Style + Care serum. This has saved my hair in between trims. Just apply 1 to 2 pumps in damp hair before drying and a pump after it’s dry if you need more. I like to brush out all my tangles at the end of the day and apply it to my dry hair before I go to bed. Best part is you can apply as much as you want and it won’t make your hair oily.

Nivea Kiss of Cherry is delicious! Taste like a Popsicle! It has a touch of color and is great for the fall. This way you can add some color to that pout without a heavy waxy lipstick. Also it’s good for your lips and gives it juicy moisture.

Aveeno energizing pomegranate and grapefruit lotion. I know you make be thinking this is more suited for summer due to the fruit smell. However it is actually a very warm scent. Once the lotion melts into your skin the warmth of your body takes this light scent and makes it warm and sultry. Try for yourself, it’s amazing. The super thick formula is great for the colder climate. One layer a day is all you need.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my favorites! Try them out for yourself. They are all really affordable and everything but the glow box can be bought a walmart or target. You can get the glow box at Ulta. Let me know what you tried and like.