The trend for the summer is always beach blown waves without the beach. Often you are told a fancy ocean mist spray or a water and salt combo will do the trick. Well in fact it might be even more simpler than that. After years of trying different products in the forms of creams and mists I found that it is much more natural with out them. Follow these much simpler steps:

1.Simply spray or apply a generous amount of your everyday leave in conditioner and/or frizz cream through your wet hair.

2.Brush it out and tousle with your fingers. Scrunch too if you need a little more curl. Only do this once and then leave it alone or it will get too fluffy.

3.As your go about your day the wind, A/C or sun will dry it to a perfect beachy wave with out the frizz.

Trust me I do this almost everyday in the summer to give my hair a break from heat styling. Due to the lack of damage this style causes my hair has grown a whole inch or so and when i recently went to my stylist she said my hair never looked better. Gotta love those heat free styles!