Wow it’s been much too long. However I finally got inspiration on something I can consistently write about and keep you updated on.

As you all know it’s the fashion/trend, that during this time of year everyone cash out on diet plans, gym memberships and whatever gimmick they feel will make them have that hot beach ready body they desire and quickly! I have a very small frame and don’t need to loss weight but however the opposite is true where I need to put on healthy weight in the form of muscle. My physical fitness is also severely lacking in the fact that I can’t complete a set of jumping jacks without fearing my heart will explode!

Soon I was considering all my options. Gym memberships are expensive, but what about the local YMCA? I definitely needed to up my calorie intake so I could keep on more weight than my naturally fast metabolism could burn off, but I know I needed to keep it healthy with high protein and vitamins. Programs like fit foods crossed my mind but I love to cook, why would I let someone else have all the fun? I know myself very well and if I did not take a class with other people or have a instructor to tell me what to do, I would hang out in the hot tub all day at the gym and call that my work out.

While considering all these options it was my husband that picked one for me. He apparently went behind my back and purchased this Insanity program without at all considering me. Yes I was very annoyed, especially when I heard of the $120 price tag. He also ordered an obscene amount of protein powder online. When he decided to tell me casually one day that it would all arrive soon in the mail, I realized that we would now not be able to afford a gym membership for myself or any of the options I was previously considering. I was ready to drop the whole notion of me getting fit. It wasn’t until it arrived in the mail and I started reading through the meal plan guide that I got excited about this program. I would get to cook! And the recipes are simple and easy. I would be able to even bulk cook and portion them out to be eaten later.

Suddenly my head was rushing with all these ideas and I was quick to meal plan every single meal that would be eaten for the following week. We have to eat 5 meals a day and today is day one. I’m already behind because I woke up entirely too late. Here is day ones plan:

DAY 1: meal 1: beagle and lox
meal 2: warm cereal meal 3: lean burger  meal 4: pizza muffin meal 5: salmon

That’s right! You can eat burgers and pizzas on this meal plan. They just need to be lean in the sense of low fat, high protein and served with a side fruit or veggie usually.

So for the Day 1 work out I did the fitness test. This test helps you find out where you are at your physical fitness level and will help you later to determine if you are actually improving or not. It’s easy to say that the fitness test KICKED MY BUTT! I couldn’t finish it. A complete fail! Hey I don’t blame myself though. I’m a girl who huffs and puffs going up stairs. My husband decided to do the extreme plan where he does a work out everyday. I’m deciding to take a gentler route at only 3-4 days a week.

Wish me luck and I will keep you posted with pictures of food and in 2 months a before and after picture to see my improvement or lack of.

Amanda Seyfried in Balenciaga


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Amanda Seyfried wore a one of a kind modern Balenciaga dress to the world premiere of “Les Miserables” in London. One unique feature about this dress is that it’s entirely made of neoprene. That’s right, wet suit material! The dress featured a low plunging neck line and a peplum waist with ruffles down the side. See for your self!

So what do you all think? Is it innovative and daring or does the material of the dress ruin the design?



Favorite Lip Products (Fall 2012)


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I wanted to share some lip products that I have been using up like crazy and loving lately for one reason or another. Whether it be the texture or color I can’t get enough of these lip sticks, glosses and balms. Let me know if any of your favorites are on my list! Click the images to get linked to where you can buy.

#1 L’Oreal Colour Caresse in Blushing Sequin

This beauty is being shown in Blushing Sequin and is the newest addition to my favorites list. L’Oreal Colour Caresse offers a bright pigmented color in the form of a moisturizing balm. This product looks like lipstick but feels like a stick balm. Blushing Sequin is a bright vibrant pink color with a neutral undertone so it looks perfect on almost all skin tones. I like to add a glossy balm on top to give it a little extra shine. For a touch of color just apply one layer. For a rich creamy color apply several times.

#2 Avon Glaze ware in Darling Pink

This luscious gloss has been a favorite of mine for a long time now. The shade seen in the picture is darling pink and is as darling as seems!  This gloss is never ever EVER sticky! It feels extremely rich like a lotion for the lips and the shine and color lasts for hours. I usually wear this shade at night when I go out with a girl or on a date.


#3 Revlon Lipbutter in Cupcake

This gem is equal to the richness and softness of L’Oreal Colour Riche. For a smaller price you can get very similar colors and feel. This is perfect if the 10$ price tag of the Caresse is unappealing. Cupcake is a one of a kind shade. It is light and girly, slightly reminiscent of cotton candy. How Fun! I wear this color when I’m feeling extra girly and glamorous.

#4 Revlon Just Bitten Stain Balm in Charm

Another from the Revlon line is this kissable balm stain. Charm is a very neutral almost nude color with a touch of peach. This balm feels a little waxy alone so add a gloss on top to add a more shine or wear it alone for a truly natural look. This is a daily wear for anyone who just wants a touch of color. When the balm fades the color stays so you only need to re-apply when you feel like it.

#5 Fresh Sugar Advance Therapy Lip Treatment

This translucent lip treatment is a must to wear alone or under any other lip product. It makes whatever you put on top to go on smoother because it moisturizes your lips. It does a million wonders in one tube, anti aging, smoothing, plumping and nourishing. It also doesn’t contain any parabens or artificial ingredients! Tastes amazing like lemonade!

Palmolive Fresh Infusions



Here’s a treat for all of us who have to wash the dishes and mostly by hand. Palmolive has made a line of really yummy smelling dish soaps. They work just as good as regular dish soap but have the smell of a fancy body wash. They feel great on the skin and leave the kitchen smelling awesome afterwards.

My favorite scent is a tie between ginger white tea and lime basil, depending on the mood I’m in. Lime basil is sweet like a lime Popsicle and ginger white tea is a relaxing scent. I gave the ginger white tea to my friend and she said it smelled amazing! Below is a link to the Palmolive website and info on where you can buy.


Where to buy: Walmart and Target

Disclaimer: I have received these products complimentary from

Favorite Fall Beauty Products


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Here are a few of my favorite beauty products to use this fall. Everything from hair to makeup to shower.

Laura Geller Glow Box. I get really pale this time of year so this product saves me from looking like a ghost. You use the darker shade as a blush/bronzer and the small lighter one as a highlight. Bam! Insta glow.

Neutrogena healthy skin foundation. I’m mostly a powder girl but during the colder months I need a little more moisture. This foundation gives just the right amount of coverage and sets well all day with a matte powder on top. Won’t make you break out or get oily.

Coconut Oil, an all in one rescuer. This is great when mixed with olive oil as a hair saving mask. Use a little bit on the ends of your hair as a dry end mender and rub a light layer on rough skin spots like feet and knees, to soften the skin. There is a huge list of all the uses of coconut oil in one of my previous posts.

Dove Style + Care serum. This has saved my hair in between trims. Just apply 1 to 2 pumps in damp hair before drying and a pump after it’s dry if you need more. I like to brush out all my tangles at the end of the day and apply it to my dry hair before I go to bed. Best part is you can apply as much as you want and it won’t make your hair oily.

Nivea Kiss of Cherry is delicious! Taste like a Popsicle! It has a touch of color and is great for the fall. This way you can add some color to that pout without a heavy waxy lipstick. Also it’s good for your lips and gives it juicy moisture.

Aveeno energizing pomegranate and grapefruit lotion. I know you make be thinking this is more suited for summer due to the fruit smell. However it is actually a very warm scent. Once the lotion melts into your skin the warmth of your body takes this light scent and makes it warm and sultry. Try for yourself, it’s amazing. The super thick formula is great for the colder climate. One layer a day is all you need.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my favorites! Try them out for yourself. They are all really affordable and everything but the glow box can be bought a walmart or target. You can get the glow box at Ulta. Let me know what you tried and like.

Fall Nail Color Trends


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Here are some of my favorite nail colors for fall and probably transitional into winter.


I know this may be a little confusing but I love O.P.I.’s collection for the New York Ballet. The shades are all super sheer and leave tips with just a kiss of color. See for your self. Very sophisticated.

my pointe exactly, hands off my tutu, care to danse, pirouette my whistle

2. Darks

Super rich dark shades in greys and plums, get you into the warm cozy feeling of fall.

Black cherry chutney, nein nein nein ok fine

3. Mattes

Takes dark shades to a whole new level. The lack of shine it almost luxurious in it’s velvet like texture. Imagine it’s like wearing fine satins and velvetines on your nails.

Violeta, You don’t know Jacques in matte, Peach

Let me know if you tried any of these shades or trends and what one was your favorite.


Transitional Fall Outfits 2012


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These are a few outfits where you can use summer colors in fun fall ways. I also introduced a trend fall color into these outfits. Should I mention these are all super affordable? Here we go!

Aqua Comfort:

Take your favorite colored jeans and pair them with a slouchy comfy sweater. Since this one is so loose knit I fitted a leopard bustier underneath for a bit of a sexy peek-a-boo. I paired this look with nude heals so that the aqua jeans would really stand out and my legs would look long and lean.

Sweater: Langford Market, Top:Charlotte Russe, Jeans: Pacsun, Shoes: Addison

Prep School Misfit:

Pair your favorite ultra preppy cardigan with a wild and sexy bustier. Keep the jeans simple and tight and button that cardigan up. Add a pair of nude heels for a effortless sexy. I love the little peak of naughty leopard under this classic cardi.

Cardigan: Forever 21, Top: Charlotte Russe, Jeans: Pacsun, Shoes: Addison

Easy A:

Clean it up a little. Pair a solid button up under a preppy cardigan and roll up the sleeve so that they are exposed over the cardigans sleeves. Add your favorite dark skinnies and a pair of sparkling or printed flats for a little character. Pull your hair up in a messy bun and add a beaded headband. There you go. Class act. This is appropriate for school and office.

Cardigan and Button Up: Forever 21, Jeans: Pacsun, Shoes: Payless, Headband: Home made

Touch of Plum:


Going out?! Put on a loose sheer nude top with a sparkle of details like embellishment and lace. Add your favorite skinnies, once again and top off with a shoe in a fall trend shade. I chose plum, which is very similar to burgandy, the most popular fall shade for 2012. These plum suede wedges give interest to the otherwise nude outfit. Add even more glam with statement bracelets.

Top: Charlotte Russe, Jeans:Pacsun, Shoes: Payless


What I Bought Today


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Got some really cute things today that I think I’ll get some really cute outfits out of. Here is a list and hopefully the pictures load this time.


Levi’s Demi Curve Skinny Low rise. It was so great to finally find that perfect pair of jeans after searching forever! I kind you not, forever! These are super soft and stretch just perfectly.

Sorry such a tiny pic

Pacsun Bull Head Black skinny in Teal. Always wanted this color. Looks more aqua to me.

Glitter Skinniest Jeans Coppola Dark Skinny Jeans

Pacsun Bull Head Black Skinny. I didn’t have a light wash skinny yet so I was glad to finally find a flattering pair. I also got a dark pair.

Blue Shadow Bootcut Jeans

Pacsun Bull Head Black Bootcut. This style is flattering on everyone and looks great with heels.






Target Polka Dot Denim Shorts. I think I have a thing for polka dots right now because I have been attracted to almost anything with dots on it lately. I was thinking about pairing this with a slouchy white sweater when it gets colder out.









Charlotte Russe Leopard Bustier. I just died when I saw this. So many ideas came to my mind. Wear with high waisted denim shorts for a tough look. Wear it under a loose knit sweater for an innocent peek-a-boo or wear under a cardigan for a bad girl prep school outfit.








Target Dot Mesh Flowy Tank. Like I said I think I have a thing for dots. This top is very billowy and would look super cute with a bandeau underneath. A bright color would be best.

I picked up some nail polish too. These 2 were meant for each other.

I also picked up some new bras from Calvin Klein Underwear and I have to say I’ll be shopping there for my bras for now on. Sorry VS I love you but I got to try something new. I still love PINK though. 🙂
Hope this post gave you some ideas for your next shopping trip and maybe some outfit ideas. I’ll post some fall outfits here soon.


What I Want Now!


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Here is a list of some cute things I’ve seen and want to add to my shopping/must have list for fall. Let us begin!


Sweater $39.95 in Coral

Collar $24.95 in White

Corduroy Blazer $49.95 in Dark Blue

Jacket $49.95 in Burgandy

Forever 21

Life In Progress™ Colored Skinny
$22.80 in Plum
Long Sleeve Rhinestone Top
$17.80 in Mint
Ok well that’s all the time I have right now for online shopping. I’ll make another list when I get a chance to get at it again.

Quick Pita Pizza


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A friend saw my post on Instagram of this personal pizza I made. She asked me to share the recipe so here it is for all to enjoy! It’s really easy and should only take you about 10-15 mins to make. Also it’s full of good stuff for you. Great for kids too.


What you’ll need:

pita bread, spinach, olive oil, pesto, goat cheese, mozzarella, tomatoes


Sprinkle pita bread with olive oil and pesto, use the back of spoon to spread.

Place a pile of spinach on top and pile it high because it will reduce greatly.

Cut tomatoes into small chunks and place on top of spinach.

Sprinkle mozzarella and goat cheese on last, add more mozzarella than goat cheese since it can tend to be dry.

Bake in an oven or toaster oven for 3-5mins and then broil until cheese is golden and melted.